Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions I get asked frequently, I hope this answers any questions you may have.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further assistance.

What is Therapy?2019-01-17T22:11:01+01:00

The therapy Belinda provides is talking therapy and healing therapy.

What is Coaching?2019-01-17T22:21:55+01:00

Coaching is a form of development where the coach supports the client to achieve specific goals.

What is Mentoring?2019-01-17T22:22:08+01:00

Mentoring is where an experienced person assists and guides another in gaining new specific skills.

Is food included in my entire retreat?2019-01-17T22:22:42+01:00

Group Retreat – Breakfast, Lunch & dinner are included every day, except for your arrival date – dinner only & departure date – breakfast only and on Wednesday,you free day – Breakfast & Dinner only. If you wish to stay at the villa on your day off for lunch its pre bookable at €15.

Private Retreat – all meals are provided except for lunch on your day off.

Are food & drink provided during excursions?2019-01-17T22:22:33+01:00

Yes, we make a lovely picnic for excursions or eat out – any extra food purchased is not included.

Do you cater for dietary requirements?2019-01-17T22:22:53+01:00

Yes, we are able to cater for specific dietary requirement & food allergies with prior notice. Please note there will be an additional charge for this subject to the requirements.

Are the beds twins or double?2019-01-31T09:28:12+01:00

Twin or Double for Group Retreat and Double for Private Retreat.

Can you match me with a roommate on group retreat?2019-01-17T22:23:48+01:00

If you wish to be matched with a roommate please complete the retreat questionnaire and we will do our best to match with someone.

What happens if I book with a friend and they have to cancel?2019-01-17T22:24:49+01:00

You have the option to be matched with a suitable roommate or upgrade and pay for single occupancy.

What is the difference between the Group and Private Retreats?2019-01-17T22:25:41+01:00

Group Retreat involve’s group work & group sharing’s – connect with like minded women – recommended for people who are beginning their transformation journey.

Private Retreat, as the name suggests is a private, inward experience, on a deeper level including daily one to one time with Belinda.

What happens after the retreat?2019-01-17T22:25:28+01:00

After your retreat Belinda will make a follow up call within 1-2 weeks to see how you and your transformation process are doing.

What is the private retreat accommodation like?2019-01-17T22:26:40+01:00

Accommodation is a large double room with ensuite bathroom and private entrance to yourself.

How do I book?2019-01-17T22:27:00+01:00

Once payment has been received you will receive an email from Belinda with your booking confirmation and payment receipt and if applicable a payment plan document. You will also receive a retreat questionnaire to complete and some more detailed information about your retreat including what to pack and an itinerary.

Can I pay by credit card/paypal/bank transfer?2019-01-17T22:27:10+01:00

Yes, you can pay via credit/debit card & paypal on the website www.midlifemenotr.co.uk. To pay via bank transfer or in installment’s please contact Belinda directly.

Can I pay in installments?2019-01-17T22:27:19+01:00

Yes, to help spread the payment you can pay in installments up to 8 weeks prior the retreat start date, please see T&C’s for full information.

What happens if I need to cancel ?2019-01-17T22:27:28+01:00

Please see T&C’s for full cancellation policy.

Do you recommend an airline to travel with?2019-01-17T22:27:56+01:00

A good website that compares the best prices from all all airlines is www.skyscanner.net

Are the airport transfers included?2019-01-17T22:27:44+01:00

Yes one of the team will be there to meet you at the airport and bring you to the retreat villa, on the retreat start day between the hours 11am – 11pm depending on the specific retreat.

In my free time are transfers included?2019-01-17T22:28:05+01:00

All scheduled excursions include transport. You will be required to pay for any additional transport you require.

What happens if my flights delayed/miss my flight?2019-01-17T22:28:14+01:00

We strongly recommend you have full travel insurance, TMLM claims no responsibility for missed or delayed flights. We will reschedule your airport pick up.

What should I pack?2019-01-17T18:41:53+01:00
  • Comfy clothes
  • Leisure clothes suitable for yoga and walking
  • Trainers
  • Flip flops
  • Swimming stuff
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Protection
  • Small rucksack
  • Warm jumper/cardigan/hoody
What is the weather in Ibiza?2019-01-17T18:41:04+01:00

We are blessed to have an average of 300 days a year of sunshine, as an example March/April can be warm but still fresh and cold at night. May is normally in the low 20’s in the day but can be colder at night. June is getting hotter by the day. July/ August is very hot and humid. Sept/October hot in the day and cool at night.

What happens if I get sick during the retreat?2019-01-17T18:40:34+01:00

Our onsite team will look after you as best we can but we always strongly recommend you have full travel insurance and a valid European Health Insurance Card – EHIC in case of emergencies.

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