For those of you who don’t know me I’m Belinda M Clarke, The Midlife Mentor. I am an Author, Midlife Coach and Therapist. I help women to be empowered and create positive midlife changes to make midlife their best life yet.

Thank you for reading my blog and choosing how to learn to connect to yourself and avoid midlife anxiety. Anxiety is on the increase in midlife and its not fun (2014, UK study by the government) health and financial concerns were amongst the highest issues to cause anxiety.

In this blog I am going to explain firstly what is connection to yourself and others and how you can create a better connection with yourself, in order to create a better relationship with yourself, to feel less stressed and anxious, more centred, calmer and relaxed.

Connection is primarily the close relationship you have with yourself or others, creating a meaningful bond. As humans we are used to connecting with others and having a relationship with them, for example, a friend, a partner, a work colleague, a family member etc. What is relatively new for us though is the concept of having a relationship with yourself.

What does having a relationship to yourself even mean?  This connection to self is extremely beneficial as it builds self esteem, worth and value, qualities that can make a difference between feeling down and insignificant to feeling happy and appreciated. A concept that can feel odd and strange at first as it’s something that is new to a lot of people.

We can all relate to the connection you may feel with another, like your best friend or pet. The joy of seeing them and spending time with them. But when it comes to connecting to yourself and having a relationship with yourself that can sometimes take a little more practice, as you have probably spent the majority of your life like most people being disconnected from yourself. Blissfully unaware of the lack of bond you can feel for yourself in a satisfying and positive way.

By bringing awareness to yourself and an intention to connect with yourself, consciously and regularly, you will soon develop a beautiful and uplifting practice that will help you to be more connected, centred, calmer and relaxed.

So what is the best way to practice and achieve this calmness and inner peace? Here are 3 easy and quick techniques for you to try on a regular basis…


  1. Time for Yourself

Relaxation without stimulation is important to help ourselves switch off and enjoy much needed downtime for our mind and body to rest and recharge. Sleep isn’t always possible or wanted in the day so instead make sure you find time every day to disconnect from your smart phone, laptop or TV by reading, taking a bath, meditating or listening to gentle soothing music. 


  1. Exercise in Nature:

        Get out in nature and go for a walk. Walking is great exercise, it’s free, easy and anyone can fit it into their busy life schedule. Walk in  the park, anywhere with trees and plants to get a boost of natural oxygen and endorphins, your feel good hormones. Walking boosts your energy and positive mood levels. Spend at least 20 minutes twice a week on your own walking in nature, no phone, no distractions just you observing what you can see, hear, smell and feel.


  1. Self Compassion:

        Practice self compassion which is compassion for yourself by being kind to yourself in a mindful way, without criticism or judgement. Treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend. It isn’t selfish, it’s an essential tool to build a loving rapport with yourself to develop a connection to yourself.


Please remember that if you are feeling overwhelmed with anxiety contact a professional for help.


Thank you for making the time to read this blog, I do hope it has been useful, please contact me at if you have any questions or to see how I could help you make your midlife the best chapter of your life yet!

Love, light and happiness,

Belinda. xxx