Are you feeling unseen, lost or unheard? 

Do you find it difficult to speak up?

Are you supporting everyone else but never showing up for yourself?

Do you hang back and say yes, when you mean no?


If you have said “Yes” to any of the above then this is for you!

3 Easy Ways To Be Empowered


I will show you easy and clear techniques that will set you up to be empowered in any situation. 


I am Belinda The Midlife Mentor. I am an author and midlife coach, empowering women to create positive changes and make midlife their best life yet.


We live in a society where we as women disempower ourselves and other women. Disempowerment leads to a feeling of helplessness, not being good enough, comparison, lethargy, sadness and doubt.


In this FREE audio I will guide you through some easy and clear tools that can help you to be empowered in any situation.

3 Easy Ways To Be Empowered


  • You will take away effective techniques to establish healthy boundaries.
  • Learn how to be proactive and not reactive.
  • Discover a new superpower.
  • Understand the importance of being empowered in any situation.


First let me explain something to you…

Have you ever really thought about confidence? What it is and how people get it?


Most people don’t take time pondering the idea of confidence. Most of us are told from a young age what confidence is and if we have it or not, you know the kind of thing, maybe when you were growing up someone said…

“No, you’re doing it all wrong, give it to me” or worse still “Give it to your brother, he knows how to do it right”. As our confidence plummeted, the message of ‘You are not good enough’ landed loud and clear, leaving us to take a back seat, just in case we got it wrong.


3 Easy Ways To Be Empowered


No one can take advantage of your insecurities unless you allow them to.


This can be easier said than done. In our competitive society of more, more, more, so many of us just don’t feel like we’re enough. Especially with the media slamming it in our face, everywhere we look advertising tells us we’re not enough without their product. A lack of self-confidence makes you feel inferior to others, and unsure of your opinions, capabilities and worth. It’s time to value yourself and start believing in YOU.


It’s time for you to be empowered and confident in yourself.


But here’s the thing, real confidence isn’t what we were brought up to believe it is. The over inflated confidence of the ego is what we were told confidence was, but this is just a technique of putting others down to make yourself feel superior. And why do you need to feel superior? Because you are insecure about your own abilities. This is not real authentic confidence. This is FAKE confidence. A learned technique. A mask. An act. 


This is the way to inflate your ego and can lead to narcissism. I know – I have been there!


So what’s authentic confidence and why is it important? I hear you ask.


Authentic confidence is about knowing yourself, valuing yourself and feeling good about you. Feeling good about yourself is an inside job. It’s not just about behaving confidently, which can be an act. It’s about building true self-esteem, so that you can handle rejection and compliments and do what feels right for you. This is the basis of empowerment which is the process of becoming stronger and more confident in your own values and abilities. Which in turn makes you feel better about yourself.


And how do you do that?


I am going to show you by taking you through the following 3 easy ways to be confident and empowered now – 


Get an Empowerment Buddy, 

Use Brilliant Boundaries,   

Embrace a new Superpower,


Each of these 3 ways can be used individually, but when practiced together will give you a solid foundation to feel confident and empowered in any situation:


  • Empowerment Buddy 


Find yourself an Empowerment Buddy, someone you already know, a friend or colleague who also wants to be more empowered. Commit to supporting each other in a positive way. No moaning or gossiping with your Empowerment Buddy, yes, share your worries or concerns, just make sure you have the intention of having only uplifting outcomes and conversations. Speak often with your Empowerment Buddy about what uplifts you, and of course these 4 steps, to boost your self confidence.


  • Build Brilliant Boundaries 


Start to find out what’s okay and what’s not okay for you and make a list called My Personal Boundaries, for example: ‘It’s not okay for Sue to call me only when she wants me to do something for her’ or ‘It’s okay for me to sit down and relax by reading for 1 hour, it’s self care’. Then begin to put these personal boundaries from your list in place one at a time, step by step. 

Boundaries need to be a constant habit. If you haven’t gotten into the habit yet, now is the time to change that. Become aware and start putting some boundaries in place… and remember to practice them by sticking to them and sharing them with your buddy.


  • Superpower For Empowerment 


Yes, you get to learn a superpower. This superpower is compassion and can only be a superpower if you use it! Compassion is a superpower that most people don’t know about. It is your biggest secret tool to empowerment and I can’t stress enough how well it works. 

We all need to embrace compassion, this is the antidote to criticism, which is something the world has too much of. Compassion allows you to see a whole new perspective on a situation. To enjoy a sense of inner calm. 

Self compassion is key here too, start to journal about how compassionate you are being to yourself and others.

NB: Compassion is not to be confused with sympathy, Google it to find out the difference.


By practicing all 3 ways and taking action you will start to create a better relationship with yourself, one that is growing and nurturing an authentically confident you. One that knows what feels okay and not okay and one that has healthy boundaries in place. One that has the superpower of compassion and knows how to use it without worrying about what others think. One that feels confident and empowered.  


Before you go as a free bonus I have included a PDF of the 3 Ways for you to save to your phone screen or print off and stick to the fridge or mirror as a prompt to help you remember them easily. Just sign up to my FREE subscription and receive your own personal copy of the audio and a PDF, enjoy practicing.


This is a taster of my work and how I can help you to be authentically confident and empowered. Please take a look at my Inspirational Memoir – Pregnant Punk at 14, Empowered at 50

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Much love and happiness,

Belinda. x