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Empowerment comes from dressing up

  I am surrounded by thousands of people in costume! A bright green caterpillar accompanying a rather splendid yellow and black queen bee trundles by. Super Pope appears from nowhere. Pirates, fairies, hippies, leopards, bears, spacemen, they are everywhere and no I am not on drugs or Ibiza!  It's Mardi Gras day in New Orleans [...]

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Taylor Swift for President

  Strangely I am not joking! I am serious about Taylor Swift for President. And yes before yesterday I would have laughed too! Until last night I didn't know anything about Taylor and her life. Okay, I'd heard of her as a pop star, but other than that, nada. And then I watched a Netflix [...]

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We’re Belinda & Ali, the Menopause Mentors

We’re here to bring you awareness and insights of the menopause from our real life experiences, so that you can go into your menopause informed and empowered. Join our community on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheMenopauseMentors

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My Feminine Empowerment Journey

I grew up a Vicar's daughter. I was a confident and curious child always asking questions. As a cocky punk teenager I was overconfident and preferred the company of boys to soppy girls.  I wasn't a girly girl. Never had been. Nothing about me was girly or soft. I embraced my masculine side and relished [...]

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3 Easy ways to be Empowered Now

Are you feeling unseen, lost or unheard?  Do you find it difficult to speak up? Are you supporting everyone else but never showing up for yourself? Do you hang back and say yes, when you mean no?   If you have said "Yes" to any of the above then this is for you! 3 Easy [...]

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Midlife Anxiety

What if we've been looking at anxiety all wrong? What if anxiety was your inner self sending you messages? Messages about how to control your ego and your life. Everyone has an ego. Ego is the voice that says - Why is this happening to me?I knew you couldn't do it.Why did you ever try?This [...]

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The Female Cycle v The Male Linear experience

I come from the school of thought whereby women and men are inherently different. Yes, we both share the same species and genes but we have distinctive differences, physically and mentally. For example, women are based on the foundation of cycles. Our lives revolve around our menstruation cycle which influences our hormones and state of [...]

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