Self belief takes courage. Courage to want to dig deep within and discover things about yourself that were always there, but were hidden.

Not many people realise this but self belief is a birthright.

In fact we have self belief wholy in tact when we’re born, but as we take in our surroundings, guided by our caregivers, and start our conditioning, we slowly learn to dim our light and hide our self belief ways.

The world we live in is set up to train us to be a certain way – don’t speak out or you will embarass yourself, keep your opinions to yourself, stay in line.

From day one this conditioning teaches us to dim our own light of self belief and to depend on others for direction. Following the heard becomes the norm, dutifully sticking together to keep the status quo, complaining quietly but not speaking out, no rocking of boats here.

Unfortunately these are our normal societal rules that we’ve all grown up with. We all experience it to some degree.

If you’re lucky it’s only when you’re an adult, and not within the confines of your caregivers anymore, that you can spread your wings, taste independence and question the normal societal rules that you were brought up in. But will you actually do anything about it? Do you have the desire to draw on the courage to change all those years of conditioning and find your own way?

If you are one of the lucky ones that chooses to wake up and question your own beliefs then embrace this experience. Choose life. Choose your life. Choose to know that you are enough. Choose to embrace difference, your difference.

If it is your time to wake up it’s time to reignite your flame of self belief. To shine your light again. To ask yourself:

What are your beliefs? Not the beliefs of your parents or caregivers, what are your beliefs?

What do you value in life?

What is important to you?

What are the foundations of your own personal power?

Ask yourself the above questions and the answers to will lead you to a happy, fulfilled life of powerful self belief.


Much love and happiness,

Belinda. xx


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