I come from the school of thought whereby women and men are inherently different. Yes, we both share the same species and genes but we have distinctive differences, physically and mentally.

For example, women are based on the foundation of cycles. Our lives revolve around our menstruation cycle which influences our hormones and state of being which changes weekly as we transition through our monthly cycle. Naturally, we are literally a different woman each week, changing our energies accordingly – Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Hag (Red Moon by Miranda Gray).

Women are cyclical by nature, a part of the rhythms of mother nature and the cycles of the moon. Men are lineal and hold a linear view of time and events as a repeating linear pattern, men naturally follow the sun.

Society is patriarchal and linear led making it difficult to realise, acknowledge and understand these differences. But once aware and paying attention, it makes our lives easier to live more harmoniously, complementing each other like the yin and yang of life.

When a woman tries to live as a man from a linear perspective this skews the natural order of life. She may find herself very successful but deep down under the layers of acting that have become the norm for her she will not be truly happy or fulfilled. She may have achieved lots, but not in an authentic way. Taking on a male persona goes against her natural way, long term this can cause deep emotional pain and possibly physical illness.

I have first hand experience. In my 20’s I adopted a male persona to be one of the boys, in order to get on professionally and run up my career ladder. I wore pinstripe trouser suits, flat shoes, had dark short hair and wore glasses. I was bossy, aggressive and unemotional. Something I couldn’t sustain. At 33 that all changed (if you would like to know more please read my book here).

Many of us women need to learn the natural ways of the feminine, as although one would think it’s an automatic given as a female the reality can be very much different.

In the long run it is far better to be the woman you are, especially in the workplace. Embrace the natural cycles and characteristics of the feminine – compassion, empathy, inclusiveness, fairness and use these strengths to your advantage in seeing the bigger picture and working cooperatively instead of competitively. 

As a reformed ‘one of the boys’ who now enjoys embracing her femininity, softness, creativity, natural cycles and female traits I can truly say I love being a woman.

Much love, light and happiness,

Belinda. xx