Remember Bucks Fizz and those skirts? Tony Hadley the smooth crooner from Spandau Ballet (he hasn’t lost it!) and the welsh wonder that sounds like she’s swallowed a load of gravel… the amazing Bonnie Tyler, her Total Eclipse of the Heart had us all singing our own little hearts out. I even snuck backstage for a photo and a chat. Bonnie was looking fabulous, a delight to chat to and very down to earth, she still has a house in Swansea!

Friday night is Children of the 80’s night at the Hard Rock hotel on Ibiza, a great friendly sing along, like one huge open air karaoke. Last Friday was even better as Radio 2 (yes I know, the station of choice now we’re in midlife) descended on Ibiza for a weekend of midlife partying (nothing too late) and we joined them… rude not too!

From 8pm to Midnight, dressed as if we had just stepped out of some pop song VHS video, we danced our little lace top ankle socks off (do you remember them?) to classic 80’s hit after hit topping off with GOLD “always believe in your soul, you’ve got the power to know, you’re indestructible” absolute magic Tony! We were all transported back to the 80’s singing along at full throttle.

The best bit of this trip down memory lane was the fun we had reminiscing and dancing around like teenagers high on life! I wasn’t drinking, just water for me, yet I found I didn’t need alcohol or (anything else) to enjoy the night and get immersed into the spirit of play – smiling, laughing and jumping about like a child. I had so much fun connecting with my inner child on Friday, that it got me thinking I should do this more often… so the very next day we joined Radio 2 again for their private pool party at Pikes (Ibiza), this time a 90’s theme with Zoe Ball, Maxi Jazz, Morcheeba and even more fun!!

As I am all about the learning I’ve decided to run a new blog theme – What have I learnt from this? Starting today… so what have I learnt from this weekend of 80’s and 90’s music?

I have learnt to have more fun like a child. I promised myself that I would play more, remember to be light and have lots of fun. Just because I am a very grown up (50 in a few months) doesn’t mean I can’t unleash my inner child every now and again and go and play… I just need to remember to be back for my dinner!


With much love, light and fun from Ibiza,

Belinda xxx

p.s I’m here if you need help to remember how to have fun –