“Ibiza is like one big retreat!” the woman in the spa changing room announced. As I enjoyed the bubbling waters of the warm jacuzzi I pondered on these words. Over the past 2 weeks I had participated in 4 yoga classes, 2 guided walks, experienced a sound healing bath, a group breath work session, a new moon women’s circle, reflexology, reiki and here I was in the spa having just enjoyed a relaxing massage.

I wasn’t on a retreat though… I live and work on Ibiza and this was just an average 2 weeks for me. No different from normal. I suddenly realised how different my life had become from the one I lived in the UK with stress and a treadmill mentality.

Yoga, walks in fresh air, massages and treatments are all part of my life now. Creating a balance between work, life, health and me time is what I strive for and here on Ibiza I find it easier to achieve as there is so much choice and availability of treatments on the tiny island. Me time and health had always been the trickier areas for me to balance but over the years I am proud to say that I have created a habit of eating healthily and weekly me time.

Ibiza is well known for partying and clubbing but did you know that Ibiza has another very established side to it?

Ibiza is home to hundreds of retreats, yoga teachers and therapists. The white isle is blessed to have a varied selection of some of the best therapists in the world and the 300 sunny days a year certainly helps boost positive feelings, as well as provide an excellent outdoor culture in nature.

The lush green countryside creates the perfect backdrop to walk in. With its many trails and beaches, Ibiza is an ideal place to retreat and recharge all year round. The partying happens in the heat of the summer and even then only in a couple of pockets on the island so you can always find peace and quiet in nature what ever time of the year you choose to visit.

It makes sense to share this beautiful side of Ibiza and one of my favourite things to do with my clients is to tailor make private retreats for them. To provide a unique and life changing retreat full of talking and walking therapy, realisations and releases, administering a week of midlife thriving that they will never forget.

Why not give yourself a gift? For more information on the private 1 – 1 retreats that I offer on Ibiza please click here.

Love, light and happiness,

Belinda. xxx