just do it

In the words of Nike… Just do it!

I am referring to life. Just do it! Don’t waste your life wishing you were somewhere else , doing something else, just do what ever it is you feel like you want to do, stop hesitating, putting off your dream and Just do it!

What are you waiting for?

Life goes by in a flash and you never know how long you really are here for, life is here to be enjoyed not endured, so make the most of your life while you can, don’t put things off that you enjoy or want to do, start today to make plans. Don’t get to a point in life wishing you’d done more, make it happen now. For some life is very short, we all know people that have died too young, we never know what is round the next corner, a good reason to make the most of our own lives… and if you are doing just that then congratulations, keep up the momentum. It is also important at this point to state that not everyone wants to go backpacking around the world or work for themselves or create interesting projects… if you are truly happy and fulfilled living the life you do already then good for you… if you are not truly happy and fulfilled then read on…


If you have a passion for travelling then start to make a plan to incorporate travelling into your life. If you have a dream to work for yourself, doing something you really enjoy then start to make a plan to make that a reality, get help, ask a friend or a professional coach to help you. Just do it!

For most people we have a voice inside our head telling us “it’s not the right time”,  “it’s just a dream, get real and forget about it”, “work hard, earn money, then you can dream”. This is normal… a kind of life test to see whether you are going to let this voice control you for the rest of your life or whether you are going to take charge yourself and train this inner voice into contributing only when it is asked and not when it feels like it. This voice is often called the Ego or the Inner Critic, what ever it’s name it can be unhealthy and very limiting if you allow it to control you and make you it’s puppet.


If you are already in midlife, now is a great time to take stock and really ponder on how you want to live the rest of your life… do you have a bucket or wish list of things you really want to achieve or do before your time is up? If so start working on how you can make your bucket or wish list a reality… if you don’t already have a wish list then make time to create one, it may be long or short, what ever is right for you. Mine consisted of travelling and making a living from doing something I truly love and helping people.

It’s never too late, just do it!

Much love and light,

Belinda. xxx