unlimit yourself

As a teenager I rebelled against being a vicar’s daughter. I discovered punk music and really embraced my new identity as a punk! Spikey multi coloured hair, heavy dark eye make up, ripped bleached jeans, holey fishnets, chains and studs – this was my out of school uniform and I loved it.  This stage of my life felt very freeing and empowering, I had great like minded friends and we would all meet in the local park as one big gang. My boyfriend was perfect for me, sharing the same interests in music and general punk rebellion, so as you do at 14 I decided that I wanted a baby.

This was one of my most unlimiting times and one that I can honestly say was when I was my true self. Our lives can very easily become carried along the ‘should wave’ and most adults adhere closely, never straying too far from what is expected of us. This in itself limits us and keeps us bound by fear, usually fear that has been instilled in us by our care givers and forms the basis of our limiting beliefs.

Why is it so important to unlimit ourselves? The simple answer is that if we don’t we will never experience our true potential in life. We will remain closeted by our limiting beliefs and restricted by our inherited fear, scared to speak our truth or take risks. We are born without limits, we need something we cry and it is provided for us, we express ourselves freely. As we grow we get lot’s of messages piled onto us about how life is and how we should be, which slowly but surely starts to limit our very being in life, our true expressive form of ourselves.

By unlimiting ourselves we open ourselves to more possibilities of life, more of what we truly love doing, more connection’s, more chance of making our hearts sing and making the most of this gift called life.

Making ourselves aware of this limiting process is the first step in unlimiting ourselves. Become aware and start your journey today to the unlimited you…

Much love and light,

Belinda. x