I am feeling very honoured today on this auspicious day, 11th of the 11th at 11 minutes past 11 o’clock to have conducted a significant part in the Conscious Uncoupling ceremony of friends in their midlife, the dissolvement of their long term marriage.

Almost 20 years ago on Ibiza, in the exact same spot that they joined hands, exchanged rings and vowed to bond together as a married couple, they have come together to untie that vow. They will melt their rings into golden nuggets (to be divided amongst themselves and their children) and consciously severe their marriage bond, exchanging it for a vow of friendship.

This ceremony called a ‘Conscious Uncoupling’ (https://goop.com/work/relationships/conscious-uncoupling-2/) is a positive step forward for both parties. After 5 years of separation and with the formal divorce proceedings well underway, the spiritual proceedings are reflected in this uncoupling ceremony. Vowing to release each other in this and all past lifetimes breaks the energetic ties the former couple shared romantically and paves the way for new, more suitable partners. Over the years we change and sometimes that means growing in different directions.

During a long term relationship, whilst spending lots of time with each other, our energies mix together and mingle forming unique energetic bonds. We grow to really know each other, likes, dislikes, even predicting reactions.

When couples split up and decide consciously for what ever reason the relationship is over the energetic bonds can still exist, often for a long time, even if you’ve moved on to new partners. By conducting a Conscious Uncoupling ceremony you will consciously break those bonds and cut the ties that bind you together energetically and romantically within a long term relationship. This positive act of clarity enables both parties to move forward into new relationships, fully present and without old ties to previous relationships, creating a clean and clear pathway for the future.

Conscious Uncoupling creates a clear and positive message to all involved; children, family, friends, partners just in the same way a marriage ceremony communicates a clear message.

“When our masculine and feminine energies reach equilibrium once more, we can emerge from our old relationship and consciously call in someone who reflects our new world, not the old one.”

My role in the ceremony was to open, hold and close the space energetically with conscious connection, to introduce the elemental themes of air and water into the mix and to bear witness to the releasing of the original marriage vows. My friend wrote her own order of service, she had also put a lot of thought, organisation and care into the co-ordination of who, what, when and where, culminating in the perfect uncoupling ceremony for them both.

I commend the brave parties involved in any conscious uncoupling. It is by no means an easy step and for my friends it has taken quite a few years of separation, constant communication (involving the practicalities of life – house/children/pets/belongings) and preparation for divorce.

This ceremony was conducted on Ibiza and although we can be regarded as a little bit more alternative over here, I do hope that more and more people will partake in conscious uncoupling as a way forward to clarity, harmony, emotional health and independent growth.

For Conscious Uncoupling Ceremonies please contact me at Belinda@BelindaMClarke.com

Much love, light and happiness,

Belinda xxx