I started my 50th year on this planet with a broken foot! Not a great start many would think but it’s given me the opportunity to stop and take stock of my life. I was at the beginning of a round the world trip… hiking! A broken foot soon put stop to the hiking, although the trip still went on. With time on my hands I started to think about my impending 50th birthday and my overall health. How am I doing? What is the next 50 years (ever optimistic) going to be like? How is my health now?

Breaking my foot as a midlife woman on the verge of menopause brought up lots of health questions for me… am I being too adventurous? Do I need to slow down? Was I really tired when I fell on a trek and broke my foot? If so why? What does a broken right foot mean spiritually? And now I’ve broken one bone am I susceptible to break more? Oh and the BIG question… do I have osteoporosis?? Which is a brittle bone condition.

So with these questions in mind I decided to make it a year of discovery about my health, to get everything checked out health wise. A midlife MOT! Not something that everyone decides and acts on and although it was new for me, as I have never had such a comprehensive health check in my life, this felt right.

As soon as I was off crutches I started with the medical specialists… first the Endocrinologist who referred me for blood tests and to the Gastroenterologist for possible digestive and malabsorption issues, and to the Gynecologist to check on my womb and hormones, and also for a bone density scan and a breast ultrasound! This was going to keep me busy…

Please see my following posts for the results

Much love, light and happiness,

Belinda xxx