My husband Toby of Walking Ibiza has just completed another successful Around the Island Ibiza Adventure, this consists of walking around the entire coastline of Ibiza in 12 days with a group of strangers! A magnificent feat for anyone but especially for the 12 adventurous and brave people he took with him.


The group consisted of a mix of men and women all from differing countries with very different backgrounds and personal stories. One participant I found to be extra brave… Laura was only 20 years old but yet she’d suffered horrific injuries in a hit and run accident 4 years previously, when she was a teenager which left her unable to walk and not knowing whether the surgeons would be able to save her leg. 7 months later Laura took her first steps after the accident. 4 years later following numerous surgeries and all that time in and out of hospital Laura took her first steps walking around Ibiza… and completed the whole coastline journey of 12 days and 260 km!

Watch and listen to Laura’s story here

I’m highlighting Laura achievement of walking around Ibiza for 12 continuous days, covering 260 km and climbing a total of 8,000 metres as a shining example of how we can get over our fears, smash down those limiting boundaries and accomplish anything we put our mind and heart to! No limits!!

What is holding you back from reaching your dreams?

What limits do you need to smash?

Much love,

Belinda. x