We are born into this world as whole unlimited beings, human beings that are then affected by our environment and the care that we are given, or not. For many of us this creates limits and fears and makes our world smaller and smaller until we exist inside a tiny comfort zone, experiencing a limited life that we know very well and feel entirely safe within. It’s as though when we are born we have access to the most beautiful huge house full of soooo many interesting and curious rooms, each room full of lot’s of magical and wondrous and sometimes scary things. As we grow and experience life each door slowly but surely closes firmly shut until we find ourselves with a tiny small house with only a few doors open… gone is the huge rambling beautiful house with many doors and rooms and in it’s place stands a small and safe cottage.

So how do we unlimit ourselves and reclaim the destiny that we were born with?

One way that works well with myself and my clients is to identify those parts of you that you have disowned through out your life whilst growing up and getting to where you are now. Go open those doors that were firmly shut one by one as you were growing up. To help you start, think of the things you really enjoyed doing when you were little or maybe you know someone that gets on your nerves, their actions are probably the exact disowned parts of you that you need to reclaim. Go open those doors peek in take a good look around and keep those doors open, no need to stay too long inside the room and definitely don’t go and start living permanently in that room, just open the door and visit from time to time.

Why should I do this?

Reclaim your disowned parts and start living a more balanced life which then leads to a healthier, happier, calmer life. For more information please see –

Embracing Ourselves: The Voice Dialogue Manual

by Hal Stone, Sidra L. Stone

Much love and light,

Belinda. x