Midlife health check

I started my 50th year on this planet with a broken foot! Not a great start many would think but it's given me the opportunity to stop and take stock of my life. I was at the beginning of a round the world trip... hiking! A broken foot soon put stop to the hiking, although [...]

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Reclaim your destiny…

We are born into this world as whole unlimited beings, human beings that are then affected by our environment and the care that we are given, or not. For many of us this creates limits and fears and makes our world smaller and smaller until we exist inside a tiny comfort zone, experiencing a limited [...]

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Life unlimited

As a teenager I rebelled against being a vicar's daughter. I discovered punk music and really embraced my new identity as a punk! Spikey multi coloured hair, heavy dark eye make up, ripped bleached jeans, holey fishnets, chains and studs - this was my out of school uniform and I loved it.  This stage of [...]

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