Taylor Swift for President

  Strangely I am not joking! I am serious about Taylor Swift for President. And yes before yesterday I would have laughed too! Until last night I didn't know anything about Taylor and her life. Okay, I'd heard of her as a pop star, but other than that, nada. And then I watched a Netflix [...]

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Life unlimited

As a teenager I rebelled against being a vicar's daughter. I discovered punk music and really embraced my new identity as a punk! Spikey multi coloured hair, heavy dark eye make up, ripped bleached jeans, holey fishnets, chains and studs - this was my out of school uniform and I loved it.  This stage of [...]

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What is effective communication?

We all do it! We all communicate in some way... be it talking with our voices, hands or writing or drawing, these are all forms of communicating but how well do you receive others communication? How well do you listen or take in what is being communicated? The vast majority of people when having a [...]

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