Empowerment comes from dressing up

  I am surrounded by thousands of people in costume! A bright green caterpillar accompanying a rather splendid yellow and black queen bee trundles by. Super Pope appears from nowhere. Pirates, fairies, hippies, leopards, bears, spacemen, they are everywhere and no I am not on drugs or Ibiza!  It's Mardi Gras day in New Orleans [...]

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Taylor Swift for President

  Strangely I am not joking! I am serious about Taylor Swift for President. And yes before yesterday I would have laughed too! Until last night I didn't know anything about Taylor and her life. Okay, I'd heard of her as a pop star, but other than that, nada. And then I watched a Netflix [...]

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Midlife Anxiety

What if we've been looking at anxiety all wrong? What if anxiety was your inner self sending you messages? Messages about how to control your ego and your life. Everyone has an ego. Ego is the voice that says - Why is this happening to me?I knew you couldn't do it.Why did you ever try?This [...]

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3 Easy Ways to Connect to Yourself and Avoid Midlife Anxiety

For those of you who don't know me I'm Belinda M Clarke, The Midlife Mentor. I am an Author, Midlife Coach and Therapist. I help women to be empowered and create positive midlife changes to make midlife their best life yet. Thank you for reading my blog and choosing how to learn to connect to [...]

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Loving yourself is not selfish

We cannot give what we do not have ourselves. In order to give love healthily and effectively you need to be able to love yourself healthily and effectively first. Without this as a foundation everything will eventually crumble.  What is it to love yourself? Loving yourself is not about the superficial vein stuff we run [...]

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New Year, New You? But how do you fix your Emotional Overwhelm first?

New Year is always that time for new resolutions... eat healthily, exercise, loose weight, drink less. What ever it may be we all feel under pressure to make changes at this time of the year. But what if you're still trying to cope with the after effects of Christmas and the festive season? Racing around [...]

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Midlife Divorce the New Way: Conscious Uncoupling

I am feeling very honoured today on this auspicious day, 11th of the 11th at 11 minutes past 11 o'clock to have conducted a significant part in the Conscious Uncoupling ceremony of friends in their midlife, the dissolvement of their long term marriage. Almost 20 years ago on Ibiza, in the exact same spot that [...]

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Midlife health check

I started my 50th year on this planet with a broken foot! Not a great start many would think but it's given me the opportunity to stop and take stock of my life. I was at the beginning of a round the world trip... hiking! A broken foot soon put stop to the hiking, although [...]

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Fun going back in time to the 80’s

Remember Bucks Fizz and those skirts? Tony Hadley the smooth crooner from Spandau Ballet (he hasn't lost it!) and the welsh wonder that sounds like she's swallowed a load of gravel... the amazing Bonnie Tyler, her Total Eclipse of the Heart had us all singing our own little hearts out. I even snuck backstage for [...]

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My Own Emotional Journey

I grew up a vicar's daughter in the north of England in the 70's, our family of 6 didn't do emotions. We were looked after and physically provided for but not emotionally, then again that was normal back then! I learnt from an early age to stuff my emotions with an occasional outburst, as was [...]

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