Midlife Emotional Mastery

Midlife Emotional Mastery   According to research 67% of adults experienced some kind of emotional trauma in childhood.* Just ponder that for a second… 67%! Such emotional stress left untreated impacts every part of us at every level in a very deep way and although the human body is a miraculous being the storing of [...]

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2018 – The Year of Transformation

Welcome to 2018, the year of transformation! We find ourselves in the depths of January 2018, one week away from the start of February already and time is passing quickly. Another year, another opportunity to reflect on where we are right now and where we would really like to be. Even if you don't make [...]

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When illness is a message…

2 months ago I got ill... and I am still recovering. It was inevitable as I had been doing too much, working, studying, nurturing for everyone else but me! You see last summer as I was enjoying my balanced life of working, self care and nurturing for others I decided to mix it up a [...]

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Reclaim your destiny…

We are born into this world as whole unlimited beings, human beings that are then affected by our environment and the care that we are given, or not. For many of us this creates limits and fears and makes our world smaller and smaller until we exist inside a tiny comfort zone, experiencing a limited [...]

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Just do it!

In the words of Nike... Just do it! I am referring to life. Just do it! Don't waste your life wishing you were somewhere else , doing something else, just do what ever it is you feel like you want to do, stop hesitating, putting off your dream and Just do it! What are you [...]

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The Difference Between You and Me

The big question is do you get your energy fill from other people... or do they drain you? The answer is the difference between being an Introvert or an Extrovert. The extrovert get's her energy from others. The introvert needs to recharge on his own. I'm not talking super confident, will do anything extrovert or [...]

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What is effective communication?

We all do it! We all communicate in some way... be it talking with our voices, hands or writing or drawing, these are all forms of communicating but how well do you receive others communication? How well do you listen or take in what is being communicated? The vast majority of people when having a [...]

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Easter moderation

For many of us Easter is a time for stuffing our faces with far too much chocolate that presents itself to us in the shape of eggs, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and the worst culprit white chocolate! Why the worst? Because it disguises itself as chocolate but really it is just sugar and milk and [...]

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Mindfulness – what is it and what are the benefits?

Mindfulness is a word that seems to pop up everywhere at the moment... but what does it really mean? Mindfulness is the concept of being in the present moment, not worrying about the future or raking over the past, just being in the present moment. Mindfulness brings awareness to our minds and can benefit us [...]

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