Strangely I am not joking! I am serious about Taylor Swift for President. And yes before yesterday I would have laughed too!

Until last night I didn’t know anything about Taylor and her life. Okay, I’d heard of her as a pop star, but other than that, nada.

And then I watched a Netflix documentary all about Taylor Swift called Miss Americana. I now have a lot of respect and support for this beautiful authentic woman.

Watch the Taylor Swift trailer here

You see, Taylor not only had a vision and goal very early in life, to be a world class singer and songwriter, she worked so damn hard and relentlessly, that she brought it all to life. 

Her focus has been unbreakable. Even when individuals and the media tried to break her.

But this isn’t why I think Taylor Swift should be president.

For me what I find remarkable about Taylor is her authentic confidence. A confidence rare in someone so young.

Okay, in the past like all young, impressionable and vulnerable people she succumbed to what she thought was the right thing to do…

  • Eat very little in order to be an american size 0 and nearly pass out on stage. 
  • Always be polite, never force your opinions on others.
  • Be what everyone else wants you to be.
  • Constantly reinvent your look.

These are things Taylor was taught from a very young age, the same way she learnt how to be brave and perform confidently on stage, but it was fake confidence to fit in and please others.

Happily, a few years on and Taylor has perfectly matured and developed successfully to realise that she no longer needs to tow the line, have an eating disorder and be someone she’s not.

Taylor’s 126.6 million fans (YES, 126.6 MILLION) on Instagram love her for who she is…

  • A perfectly imperfect woman who eats normally and healthily and looks fabulous the size that she was born to be.
  • A courageous heroine that speaks her truth with compassion and love.
  • An honest woman, authentically aligned with her ego and soul.
  • A beautiful woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

And all this at the age of 30 years old! I can’t wait to see what she’s like at 50! Go President Swift.

This IS the authentic confidence that I am talking about. The passion that burns so brightly within, that she can’t ignore it or suppress it anymore. This is her true essence of who she really is… 

Her heart and soul are alive and kicking, it really shows in the documentary. She is an inspiration.

Watch the Taylor Swift trailer here

Taylor, I honour you for your vulnerability and courage to be you, your true, authentically confident self. Especially in the environment you have chosen to shine in. Thank you.

Much love and happiness,

Belinda. xx

P.S. Taylor Swift knows how to have authentic confidence, if you want help achieving this too please click here 

I am here to help you build authentic confidence, be empowered and create self belief. xx