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The big question is do you get your energy fill from other people… or do they drain you?

The answer is the difference between being an Introvert or an Extrovert. The extrovert get’s her energy from others. The introvert needs to recharge on his own. I’m not talking super confident, will do anything extrovert or super quiet, won’t say anything to anyone introvert. I’m talking about the energetic difference between you and me and how awareness will bring clarity to countless misjudged situations.

The education system caters for the extrovert – praising the first ones to speak up in class and contribute. Maybe you are familiar with the ‘could try harder to contribute and speak up more’ on someones school report. That is because the system is designed for the extrovert, the one who will shoot his hand up first regardless of whether it’s the right answer, worthwhile contributing or not as the case often is, just so he gets an chance to say something. We all know them, friends, family or even ourselves…

Introverts on the other hand are often left to know the correct answers quietly on their own without fuss and attention, they answer best when prepared and not randomly picked on by a teacher convinced that ‘if only they spoke up more’ the world would be a better place. And hey the teacher is only doing her job, that’s how she was taught to bring out the best in students… little does she know that this method will never entice change.


Can we change from extrovert to introvert? And vice versa?… I believe so… I myself for as long as I can remember thrived on crowds of people, loved being centre of attention, enjoying lots of friends, the class clown or know it all (dependent on how interesting the subject was to me)… this continued well into my 20’s, by then I was even stealing energy vampirically as I found myself needing to fill up more and more… that is until I crashed.

I entered my 30’s wanting my own space, time to myself, finding solace in reading (I had never read for pleasure until this point) and detaching myself from certain friends. The more time I spent recharging in my own world the more I felt calmer, centred, reenergised and peaceful… and the more I started to discover the real me and what really made my heart sing.

Had I been an impostor all my previous life? Or can we change from extrovert to introvert and vice versa dependent on our stage and time of life? What do you think?

Love and light,

Belinda. xxx