We all do it! We all communicate in some way… be it talking with our voices, hands or writing or drawing, these are all forms of communicating but how well do you receive others communication? How well do you listen or take in what is being communicated? The vast majority of people when having a conversation do not listen, they spend their time thinking and planning their next response…

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So what is effective communication and why should we be partaking?

Effective communication is when the subject matter you are sharing with another is heard and understood. The one sharing the information has a responsibility to do so in a clear and understandable way. The one receiving the information has a responsibility to actively listen, pay attention, respond accordingly and clarify what has been shared.

As we are human, what naturally happens is our ego comes into play, often before there is even a chance to hear anything, and starts thinking about what it wants to say, the game it is playing and how it is going to appear better than the other. This is normal but annoying.

Why should we bother communicating effectively?

When we speak clearly and simply, asking the other for clarification of what has been heard it is easier for the other to hear and understand, leading to far fewer mishaps of miscommunication and arguments.

When we take the time to be present, listen and actively hear what the other is saying we give and show respect for another and ourselves, leading to a sense of well being and connection.

Please note that even though we can be using the same method of communication and the same language we all have our own unique reference point to the meaning of each and every word… hence the need again for effective communication.

Enjoy practicing effective communication.

Much love and light,

Belinda. x