2 months ago I got ill… and I am still recovering. It was inevitable as I had been doing too much, working, studying, nurturing for everyone else but me! You see last summer as I was enjoying my balanced life of working, self care and nurturing for others I decided to mix it up a bit and undertake a Master’s degree in Positive Psychology. Why? I hear you ask when I had successfully created a balanced life full of love, joy and fulfillment. The short answer is I don’t know! I felt drawn to stretch my brain, test my learning skills and go deeper into a subject that I love…

Fast forward to February. I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of reading and work from my University studies whilst jugging home life, work clients, family and friends… my regular Friday off to myself has turned into a study day. Denial helped convince me that it still counts!

I felt the stress and overwhelm but knuckled down to ignore it and push on… a very old pattern I’d created years ago, as to be honest I hadn’t really been stressed for years, thanks to my ideal balanced life! What had I done? Hubby suggested it maybe best to give up on my studies… that didn’t go down too well with me, as you may imagine!

I developed a very painful shoulder, which meant I couldn’t sit at my computer. Easter came and thankfully due to the work I do, I recognised that I was in a full blown healing crisis. I could not ignore the signs, messages and pain from my brain and mind seeping into my body any longer. What to do? I stopped. Stopped everything and decided to take the hole Easter weekend off… which turned into a week… then 2 weeks, resting sleeping, lying on the sofa, watching films, reading magazines and eating well. I went for treatments – acupuncture, osteopathy, massage and reiki. I did self healing in my treatment room and explored the emotional feelings behind the stress and overwhelm (this is the work I do with my clients so it is very familiar to me). I unearthed a very old belief that I didn’t feel supported… not consciously but subconsciously that had been hidden away deep, deep inside. I went deeper and traced it back to a physical trauma that happened 26 years ago. I brought all this new/old information into my conscious mind, accepted, forgave and released. I then started to heal.


As a therapist I guess it’s only right that I practice what I preach and go through a healing crisis every now and then… even if they are tough! The pain in my shoulder was linked to stomach and blood deficiency issues that prompted me to look closely at an ongoing health issue that I was overlooking the root cause of. It has helped me uncover an extremely deep rooted belief and a very old trauma that was manifesting itself emotionally as sadness covered and masked by layers of other emotions. As a result I have had a taste of my own medicine and a holistic overhaul, which makes me appreciate even more the complex physical, emotional, mental and energetic beings that we are. To address illness we need to look at the whole of us not just one aspect. It’s good to know that I can be of help to others in need and the benefit such work is to identify stuck emotions and help release them in order to achieve holistic health and a balanced happy life.

If you feel that you could benefit from my help with releasing blocked emotions that manifest themselves as ill health, pain or discomfort in your body please contact me – Belinda@TheMidlifeMentor.co.uk


Much love and light,

Belinda. xxx