Hi 2014 no23

We all live in a very busy world. Lots of rushing around, hurrying to work, squeezing time trying to make it last longer. Even though I live on Ibiza, where the pace of life is as slow as you want it to be, I find myself getting caught up in the wave of busyness – rushing to an appointment, driving too fast to get to the car park. This busyness is endemic of modern day life, we want more and we want it now! We try and squash too many things into our day and don’t realise the potential harm we are causing ourselves – stress, worry, tension, fatigue, overload… the list goes on.

So how can we make amends? What can we do to help ourselves? 

We can all retreat. Regularly stop what you are doing and take a break. Get up and leave your computer and go for a 10 min walk around the block/garden/office. Make sure you get up and have a stretch of your legs every 90 mins at least. It doesn’t matter where you go but just go and give your busy brain a break… and don’t take your phone. Switch off just for 10 mins and put your attention somewhere else – observing what’s going on around you, planning your next meal, people watching what ever you like as long as it is a different activity.

Retreating like I have suggested will prevent burn out, stress and computer fatigue. You will feel better, have more energy, concentrate for longer periods and generally improve your overall health.

To take retreating to another level I regularly give myself total breaks from work and normal life – a week away from all computers, work, phones, and people to read, meditate, swim, nourish myself with healthy foods and just do nothing, this is much needed for me to relax, release and recharge… try it you may like it.

Much love, light and gratitude,

Belinda. xxx